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Our Mission

At Rejuvenated our mission is to create products that are:
‘Free from’ without compromise using 100% active and natural ingredients, formulated to promote inner health and outer beauty whilst delivering long term benefits.

Rejuvenated is a British nutraceutical and award-winning family run brand specialising in multi-tasking, ‘beauty from within’ supplements, designed to boost your body from top to toe. Rejuvenated was founded in 2003, by health & wellness expert Kathryn Danzey, who brought together world-leading scientists and nutritionists to formulate a capsule collection of highly-effective and innovative products, featuring high-grade and 100% active natural ingredients.

Kathryn has over 20 years experience of working on the concept of ‘beauty from within’. This work has led to a range of result driven products, brimming with goodness, bringing about a synergy of inner health and outer beauty. The company logo represents this concept with the Flower of Life, a symbol that represents every molecular and living cell structure within the universe


Our ingredients have been selected without compromise to work in perfect harmony, so you can be confident that you will get the maximum benefits for your skin and health.


All our products have been formulated to be free from gluten, sugar, lactose and are suitable for diabetics. With the exception of collagen products, all are vegan-friendly.

Rejuvenated’s Compostability Journey

At Rejuvenated we are passionate about reducing the impact that we make to the worlds environment.  This starts with how we locate our products, transport them and our final packaging. Our goal is to be plastic free by the end of 2020.

Our Progress:


Over the last 4 years our team have researched compostable options for foil packaging.  We have worked on the development of home compostable foils, these have now been tested and our pouches are in production.  These foils will give our customers the ability to home compost within 15 weeks. They also contain enzymes which will speed up the process on landfill sites.

Collagen Shots will be the first pouch to be produced in compostable packaging. As it is our biggest selling product taking this action will dramatically reduce the amount of plastic that we use.

Compostable ink

Compostable inks were originally a problem but we have now managed to overcome this. However we have lost the glossy copper from the compostable pouch for now but further developments may mean that we can produce this later. We think it is a small price to pay to provide an environmentally friendly product.

We will gradually replace all other packaging.

Sustainable Tin

The first step was our 15 year anniversary tin which is filled with a home compostable pouch. It actually looks like plastic but is fully home compostable. Collagen Shots is available in this packaging now.

You will be able to refill the tin with your pouches of Collagen Shots.


We have sourced a compostable scoop for H3O Hydration but unfortunately can’t find one the right size for Collagen Shots. We are currently carrying out market research to find our customers thoughts on removing the scoop.

Blister packs.

We are delighted to say that we have had news from the production plant that they now have a compostable blister pack.  Our next production run will be in this pack

We are committed to work through these options as we believe that it is a critical environmental challenge facing the safety of our future world.

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