How Beauty From Within Supplements Compliment In Salon Treatments

Beauty from within, or nutraceuticals as the concept is called, is one of the fastest growing trends in the beauty and aesthetic industry. This growth has been led by consumer demand as customers are seeking information on the best products for them to take and also which product they should combine with which treatment.

The sudden growth in nutraceuticals and glowing skin supplements is attributed to the more holistic approach towards anti-ageing as clients seek less invasive methods to stay youthful.

As clinicians when we talk to clients at a consultation, we talk about increasing collagen and hydration levels. Traditionally customers are given a treatment plan including the use of machinery and skin care products. Studies show that adding skin nutrition at this point in the form of high potency supplements will support their in-clinic treatment and enhances overall results.

Skin health is an external reflection of what is going on in our body internally and supplements are an excellent way of supporting skin health from the inside. Skin is the largest organ in the body and is connected to every other organ and body function and will show signs of inflammation and stress without adequate nourishment.

These imbalances can show as acne, rosacea and eczema and a new condition, polluted, inflamed skin, caused by city life. Skin peels and topical products can help these conditions, but they are further relieved by supplementing with anti-inflammatory calming botanical ingredients.

At Rejuvenated we offer a fully comprehensive range of award-winning beauty from within supplements to improve collagen, hydration and vitamins in the skin. Our wellbeing range supports all weight loss programs and body sculpting treatments.

Taking Rejuvenated supplements daily can enhance the effects of holistic and medical aesthetic treatments including chemical skin peels, micro needling, injectable and light-based energy treatments by stimulating collagen and hydration and facilitating skin repair between treatments.

A full online training portal compliments our in clinic training to guide you through how these supplements including treatment protocols and home use guides.

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