Our Top Tips for Customer Care During COVID-19

Alex Head of Sales

My name is Alex and I look after Sales and Customer Service here at Rejuvenated.  I am lucky enough to speak to many self-employed business owners within the beauty, aesthetics, health and wellbeing industry every day. One thing is for sure, we are all dealing with the current situation in lots of different ways. 

I want to let you know that myself and the Rejuvenated team are here to support you as much as we can.  We have some incredible skill sets and a vast array of knowledge available to you. We also have an attitude to succeed and take our customers and our business into the next chapter.

When I joined the Rejuvenated team, I came with a wealth of experience of having been self-employed myself and running my own business consulting to SME’s and I love it! I have owned and worked in 5 of my own businesses, 4 of them being very successful and one I lost.  I often say this, I learnt more in how to run a business from the one I lost than the other four put together. 

Whilst it is always hard work to run a business when things are running smoothly, the real test of your metal is when a curve ball comes flying in. In adversity comes opportunity!  By this I don’t mean maximising on other people’s desperation e.g., the litre of Purell on eBay at £993 when it is usually sold at £12 per litre.  I mean using your own ability (and yes you have it) to do things differently… dare I say, think outside the box! 

So firstly, let’s cast our minds back to when your own business was just a twinkle in your eye.  When you started to get excited and tell all your friends what you planned to do, when you first laid eyes on your new premises or your room at home was finally ready for use…. How excited were you?  Scared too I bet, but mainly bloody excited.

Now let’s remember your ‘WHY’.  Why did you first set up in business for yourself or if you work for a business owner, why did you decide to work in this industry at all?  Feel the passion you had back at the start, remember the promises you made to yourself.

And now is the time to ask yourself, how am going to use this time to really focus on my business so it and I can come out of the other side of this… and the big one for now… how am I going to keep engaging and supporting my customers during the next few months and ensure they and their friends come back to me?

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