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Covid Skin Collection

Are your clients suffering from Covid skin?

Covid symptoms have changed rapidly with the onset of Omicron and one of the many underreported symptoms is a rash. After chatting with you all, we realised that this definitely is a reality and Kathryn has personally experienced the symptoms.


Immune Complex × 5

Collagen Shots® × 5

Be gorgeous naturally with our high strength blend of skin firming active anti-ageing ingredients in this collagen drink.

“Thank you for creating such an incredible product, really life-changing.” – Whitney’s Wonderland



Skin Perfecting Complex × 5

A complete vegan formula to boost collagen levels and promote flawless skin.

“Skin Perfecting Complex not only gives skin a collagen boost, but can calm various skin conditions as well as protect skin from pollution.” – Glynis Barber.

“I started using Skin Perfecting Complex when my skin was inflamed due to stress. I had breakouts of eczema and blotchy patches on my neck and face. It quickly cleared up and felt much more clam. Plus no pesky hormonal breakouts either.” – Sandra Cooke, Celebrity makeup artist.

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About Covid Skin Collection

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