Energy Mood super collection


Raise your Energy Levels and Mood in January with this Limited Edition Collection

Nourish your body and mind with our ultimate energy and mood boosting supplements

The collection contains:

  • Collagen Shots
  • Immune Complex
  • H3O Night Repair
  • Re-set
  • Protein Smoothie (1)

Why we’ve selected these products

  • Collagen Shots and Protein Smoothie are both high in protein to deliver a continual release of energy
  • Re-set supports healthy metabolism and will help you to shed any added pounds from the festive season
  • H3O Night Repair will help you to sleep more peacefully
  • Immune Complex is packed with vitamin D for a mood boost, pre and probiotics support healthy digestion, and it is perfect to keep away coughs and colds at this time of year

About Energy Mood super collection

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