Longevity Heroes


Future proof your body with our new and exclusive ‘Longevity Collection.’ Each of these supplements will work synergistically to help power up your energy levels, revitalise skin and improve your strength.  Your one stop shop to boost vitality and support healthy ageing.

Many of us have been looking for the secrets to live a longer, healthier life. Thanks to some incredible advancements in science, we are discovering how to enjoy these extended years with health and vitality.’ – Kathryn Danzey, our founder.

The collection contains five Longevity heroes:

Regenerate – Our superstar award winning product is designed to help support and protect cells thus promotingting youthfulness from within.

H3O Hydration – Hydrates at a cellular level and supports energy and vitality.

H3O Night Repair –  Formulated to help to repair cells and extend the life of telomeres which in turn protects our DNA.

Re-set – Boosts energy, supports healthy blood sugar levels and promotes strong bones.

Collagen Shots – Our global bestseller supports youthful skin, bones, joints, muscles, heart, brain whilst strengthening extra cellular tissues in the body.

*These products are created to compliment a healthy lifestyle

PROMOTION RRP £150.00 (normal retail £173.50)

About Longevity Heroes

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