Radiant Skin Pack

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Make skin wishes come true with our radiance boosting trio.

Take Collagen and Hydration levels to a new dimension.

Have radiant glowing skin by taking these 3 skincare beauty supplements.

“Thanks to the Radiant Skin Pack complimenting my efficient skincare routine and a (more) healthy diet, breakouts are few and far between. I may age gracefully yet.” – A Luxe List

“Their high quality products will help support and strengthen your skin so you glow from the inside out.” – Wow Beauty

Do you want the secret to beautiful, brighter and glowing skin? Inside the Radiant Skin Pack is a complete skincare programme, designed to reveal your natural beauty. Each award winning product works incredibly on its own but when they are taken together, the results are truly remarkable; the result of over 40 years of pioneering work.

The Award-winning trio for radiant skin

Collagen Shots, our multi award-winning, high strength drink for beautiful radiant skin, Collagen Shots is a unique blend of hydrolysed marine collagen and skin-firming active ingredients. It packs an almighty youth-boosting punch. Created to help support the formation of collagen and protect cells from oxidative stress. Collagen helps the body to replace diminishing collagen levels and as we all know it’s the thing in our body – the glue that helps to keep skin flexible and smooth, plumped up.

It is also rich in ‘superfood’ acai berry, as well as the fountain of youth, Hyaluronic Acid. You can also find plenty of vitamin C, copper and zinc to keep skin looking youthful and glowing.

H3O Night Repair packed with ingredients to promote sleep which is crucial for overall health & beauty. As well as a host of vitamins & minerals that are supplied to the body at a time when the body is best able to repair itself, i.e. whilst you’re asleep.

Magnesium & Calcium are included in H3O Night Repair to encourage relaxation and promote restful sleep. It works to regulate melatonin, the hormone responsible for controlling the sleep-wake cycle. Magnesium binds to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors, the neurotransmitter responsible for suppressing nerve activity and thus allowing you and your body to ‘switch-off’.

H3O Hydration is designed to optimise hydration throughout the day and supply an array of antioxidants to tackle the stresses you place on your body daily. Thanks to the inclusion of ionic electrolytes fluid is encouraged to leave the intestines and enter every cell in the body. All cells can only operate optimally when they are well hydrated, not only that, hydrated cells are firm and plump. When these are skin cells, you’ll quickly notice the difference in skin firmness and suppleness. Instant, continual beauty.

Calcium is provided in both H3O Hydration and H3O Night Repair as this is a mineral that is better absorbed when taken in small doses so spacing it throughout the day means you’ll maintain a constant supply for your body to utilise. As calcium is crucial to the maintenance of healthy skin functions including sebum regulation, lipid barrier function, cellular turnover and antioxidant production it is vital to keep a constant level in the body to keep skin supple, glowing and beautiful.

About Radiant Skin Pack

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