Spring Booster

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To celebrate Women’s Health month, we have created a special collection of health boosting supplements just for you

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H3O Night Repair × 5

Beautiful skin from within.

Wake refreshed and renewed. Just 1 capsule of H3O Night repair to provide more beautiful skin while you sleep.

“Hydration and free-radical fighting as you snooze. If beauty sleep came in a packet it would look a lot like this." – Get The Gloss.

"H30 Night Repair is a powerhouse of hyaluronic acid and vitamins" - A Luxe List.

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Female Hormone Support × 5

Female Hormone support is a multi-functional supplement designed to support women through the reproductive years. The formula contains natural plant extracts and specialised herbs. It has been carefully crafted to alleviate the symptoms of PMS, the perimenopause and menopause.

It works to create hormonal harmony and supports the female reproductive health and function while helping to calm stress and mood swings.

Immune Complex × 5

Immune Complex contains a blend of prebiotics and probiotics to naturally prime the digestive system.

Together, they help to build and maintain a healthy colony of bacteria and microorganisms, thus supporting and aiding the digestive system. This in turn boosts brain and heart health, improves mood and contributes to a strong immune system.

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Skin Perfecting Complex × 5

A complete vegan formula to boost collagen levels and promote flawless skin.

“Skin Perfecting Complex not only gives skin a collagen boost, but can calm various skin conditions as well as protect skin from pollution.” – Glynis Barber.

“I started using Skin Perfecting Complex when my skin was inflamed due to stress. I had breakouts of eczema and blotchy patches on my neck and face. It quickly cleared up and felt much more clam. Plus no pesky hormonal breakouts either.” – Sandra Cooke, Celebrity makeup artist.

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