What Are the Health Benefits of Resveratrol and Cellular Health?

What Are the Health Benefits of Resveratrol and Cellular Health?

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Studies have revealed that a molecule from grapes has an effect on a group of proteins that are associated with DNA health and longevity. The molecule, resveratrol has an effect on the activity of a group of proteins sirtuins which influence cellular activity including ageing. There are many health benefits of Resveratrol

Trans-resveratrol is its most active form, it can be combined with other antioxidants to increase its benefits and it is particularly synergistic with pterostilbene, another polyphenol compound

If you’re a red wine lover, you’ll be happy to know that the benefits of a Mediterranean diet are often attributed to the amount of resveratrol within it. The molecule comes from grape skin and contains various cardio protective antioxidants. As scientists discover more about this wonder molecule it is becoming a true hero of the nutritional world.

Resveratrol is gaining much acclaim for its ability to affect the Sirtuins. Sirtuins play many roles across a broad spectrum of biological processes, including those that have a part in age related degenerative diseases. It is similar in composition to another polyphenol, Pterostilbene and when combined together they are especially potent. They specifically help to activate SIRT1, one of the sirtuins within the cell nucleus.

Resveratrol has many other health benefits

Resveratrol Improves Brain flexibility

Activating SIRT1 can help to promote neuronal survival, reducing neurodegeneration to help promote brain health and support cognition and memory.  It also helps to increase neurological blood flow.

The Health Benefits of Resveratrol  may help to reduce the risk of heart disease

Resveratrol has long been considered to be effective in reducing the risk of atherosclerotic disease, a precursor to heart disease and stroke.

Eye protection

Vision loss is a natural part of ageing, scientists have discovered that resveratrol may help to prevent abnormal growth of blood vessels. Combine your resveratrol supplement with omega 3, vitamin C & E and eat foods rich in beta carotenes.

Increased bone density

Studies have shown that resveratrol may play a part in increased bone density, helping to protect from bone degenerative diseases.

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